Getting ahead through cooperation


Our customers believe we deliver a world class intelligent sales and support system (CRM system). For nine years we at Nextcom have developed a communication solutions for over a hundred small and large international businesses. Applications and solutions few, if any, in the market can match. we don’t like to boast, but our customers do.
Every day our customers help us become even better. They challenge us. We pull our hair from difficult questions from them. But we solve the challenges every time. And when we solve a problem for a customer, and our customers benefit from it in terms of better programs from us. We are grateful for the demanding and expectant customers. Together with us in Nextcom we help our customers to a digital evolution in CRM and communications. We think this is wonderful and we love them. But listen:
Not only are our services accessible for all mobile platforms. They are also developed within a mobile first strategy that ensures customer access to all your important customer data. Anywhere, anytime, with the most advanced encryption technology included.
We develop communications solutions that give you a big head start in the market, whether you are in the start-up phase or a market leader.
Improved accessibility gives you full control, which in turn increases your profitability. And that’s what it’s about. Full control and increased earnings. And a CRM system that runs in the background and controls it all. Without stress. Without heavy manuals and expensive consultants who must train you.
Come with us. Play with us. Get to know us. Challenge us. We are an enthusiastic technology company that believes in leadership through cooperation.
Nextcom are a small company from Sandefjord which many believe is a world leader in communications solutions. You’re going to hear and see a lot of us in the future.
Join us on the journey.
Read more and be amazed at what we together with you to develop your business.

Facts: NextCom Evolution

NextCom Evolution is a Norwegian IT company with its headquarter in Sandefjord. The company was founded in 2006 by Thomas Wolf (CEO) and Steinar Talmoen (CIO). NextComs product is a proprietary intelligent cloud based CRM/ERP system. NextCom is one of the leading suppliers of CRM system in the telecommunications industry.

Taking up the fight against CRM giants


The small technology company NextCom Evolution from Sandefjord has for nine years planned and developed a business system that will challenge billion corporations like Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft and Visma. – Let the nerds from Sandefjord loose on the world market, says an enthusiastic entrepreneur, Thomas Wolf.
This year there will be a world premiere, and optimism is high for success in Norway.

  • • We’ve built ourselves a solid portfolio in Norway using satisfied customers that have been excellent ambassadors for us. We now feel mature and ready to bring our sovereign and CRM system (customer management system) into the world, said Thomas Wolf, along with colleague Steinar Talmoen’s founders NextCom Evolution.

Help from a company worth billions
NextCom has only ten employees. But it has proven to be enough. . During the summer of 2010 the CEO, Thomas Wolf, was in dialogue with the operator in the company Deloitte, Gen Charles Wald Han ville møte nordmennene for å høre om selskapets teknologi. Wald har ukentlige møter i det Hvite hus, og regnes for en teknologimann og rådgiver man lytter til når han kommer med sine anbefalinger.

He wanted to meet the Norwegians to hear about the companys technology. Wald has weekly meetings in the White House, and is considered a technology man and counselor worth listening to when he comes with his recommendations.
Wald wanted to hear if the company could contribute its technology to humanitarian organizations that Deloitte has in its portfolio.
He was very keen to find out if we could deliver a total business solution that could contribute to more data transparency during major humanitarian crises. In such situations it is important to have systems that are transparent and easy to use for every type of user. We are working on a deal with Deloitte long term but that such a deal should be possible the safety needs to be improved. Since talking in 2010, we have put in place a unique solution that safeguards the best security solutions that are used by international banks under huge monetary transactions that are now made available all the way down to the user level. So the user can select which devices he wants to use for example iPhone, iPad and personal computers, says Wolf.

  • • A deal with Deloitte is obviously a dream for us, and an opener of dimensions to the American market, he adds

From Sandefjord to the world
Nexctom Evolution has ambitions to open a US office during the next year. They also have a small office in Sweden and want to gradually work their way across the Scandinavian market, says Wolf.

  • • We have worked hard for nine years to develop, introduce and sell our business operations in Norway. On the down-low we have gained success in Norway with large corporations, and there has been a deliberate strategy. Now we feel confident enough and ready to get out of “our cave” in Sandefjord and show the world what a couple of nerds have developed, smiles both Steinar Talmoen and Thomas Wolf.

Anonymous developers
You have hardly read about them before; The 10 employees of NextCom has been below the radar for most technology magazines. Even the founder and CEO, Thomas Wolf, calls himself and his nine employees for “enthusiastic nerds who is more concerned about the product than the cash.”.

That does not mean they haven’t had success. With its proprietary CRM / ERP system, they have secured major clients such as Amedia, Tele2, Telio / NextGenTel, Tryg, IF, MyRent and Happy People, to name a few.

The most important thing
To have control of their customers, past experiences and sales systems and not least what their employees deliver – is for a large group of companies make it or break it. It is essential with a CRM system that it is simple and easy to use and that it generates money, explains the entrepreneur.
The CRM system we provide is above all simple and very usable. One can compare us with which has a computerized warehouse, where they have optimized absolutely everything and minimized potential errors – and we’ve done the same for information and task management. We set up a digital “factory” which is aligned with how the business should work, by industry and on the basis of how the company is run. The system will then behave exactly the way you want. Among other things, it will ensure that all information about a customer pops up automatically when a customer calls, and during the process our system operator goes through the tasks.
This means that you only use one third of the labor compared to other systems, and errors are practically eliminated, says Wolf and explains the economic benefits for users:
– Our customers in the telecom industry has received conversion rates increased from an average of 75 percent to 98 percent, an increase of 23 percent. No one else can show those kinds of results. We weed out the human errors, and the system ensures that customers get all the relevant information, so that he has all the information he needs to make a decision. Other systems need extra conditions afterwards, which often makes the sale go down the drain.

Simple interface
-We have also created a super simple interface, users are often fully operational and familiar with the system from the day they start using it. We have taken into account the maximum efficiency and minimum possible error, says Wolf who constantly get feedback on how well the system works.
– An example of efficiency improvement from when we set up the system with Telio in 2010: During the three months the company hired 80 new consultants. This is mildly unusual because it normally takes some time to ensure the quality of each individual employee. With our system you can easily and continuously expand the number of employees.

Sovereign CRM / business system
We distinguish ourselves because we offer a clear and visual CRM / ERP system that provides a complete overview of all aspects of a business, which is vital to the success of a CRM. It being a system for control, organization, departments, personnel, customers, suppliers, products, finance, sales, marketing, customer service, integrated text messaging, e-mail and telephone to name a few.
In companies that are constructed with franchisees, it is also very easy to transfer the system to each franchise department. We find that everyone who uses our system is the best in class, and we have never experienced negative feedback or dissatisfied customers. We would argue that this is a formidable statistic.

Selling on references
NextComs products sell almost exclusively on references. It often works in that instance. A seller gets a new job, and insist on working with a Nextcom system at their new employer. The employer is then “forced” to contact NextCom. But only selling by references may also have a paradoxical aspect:
– Some companies that use our system sees it as a huge competitive advantage that they don’t want to advertise for us in the industry. This way the references can come to a complete halt.

Who are the most stisfied customer?
– I want to emphasize three customers all of which have achieved excellent results
 Tele2, which went up from 75 percent to a 98 percent conversion rate, Enevos turnover increased by 300 percent, and the insurance company Tryg that has tripled its turnover with the same number of employees. We have achieved good results for Telio and NextGenTel, the same applies to the insurance company IF. A big customer we are working with now, Amedia. They just got the system running on one branch, and is very happy, says Wolf who believe that NextCom succeeds because they analyze and meet the customers primary needs.
-We are looking to capture the customer challenges. We look at these and show the customer how we can solve major problems. We simply ask what the customer need. Once this is done, we can recommend the customer to move forward with other improvements.
The most common problem is that companies have 7-8 different systems, where, for example. sellers use safari between the systems. This results in a huge time drain. We recommend them to keep their base systems and integrate our system with these. So choose the information you need, processes them and send it back to for example a billing system. Consequently, we exclusively weed out what doesn’t work. It would be bad tactics to insist that large companies would start from scratch. What we do is to optimize the systems that the customer already has, which we succeed at, says Wolf.

Looking forward to
NextCom Evolution aims for their customized business systems to be munching on the market shares over the next few years.

We are looking forward to it because we love what we do!
To outsiders, it may be difficult to understand what is so fascinating about customer service systems. But for us it is just about the most important thing there is. Hopefully more and more companies agree with us when the launch our products the next few months.

It is only now – after nine years in “our cave” that we will be a well-known brand outside the borders of Norway, says CEO, Thomas Wolf.


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