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It is important to have good customer lists to avoid that employees spend unnecessary time trying to find information and history. Without customer lists you have no control on whether customers have been contacted in the past, or who are working with the customer. With Nextcom you can segment lists, set goals, run Duplicate control and get clear statistics that will help you prioritize and streamline the workflow.

The features that help you list management is a part of the CRM-system, and works optimally in conjunction with customer information you collect at all stages. Please contact us for more information!


The best segmentation tools in the market

With the segmentation tool from Nextcom you will even be able to decide how to differentiate the customer base. You can prioritize which customers you want to work towards according to geography, product purchases, size, new customers, old customers etc. You can segment any information you choose to store on the client.

Good segmentation frees up time for your employees so that they can focus on the profitable activities. You will be perceived as professional; your reputation will be strengthened and you will get more satisfied customers. Satisfied customers create more customers!

The challenges of customer lists

Without the required list management, the consequences will be that the wrong customers are contacted, several employees working on the same customer at the same time, or that customers are getting a follow-up. Executives and responsible employees, for their part, need to spend less time on trying to get a manual overview.

For many companies the customer lists are set up on paper, in Excel or computer systems where it is not possible to select segments that you want to work with. You end up with long, difficult lists that doesn’t give you the overview and control you need to optimize the workflow of your employees.

Objectives and budget of customer lists

If you work with client lists without having set up a goal or budget, it can become unclear what to do when facing a new or existing customer.

By defining a measure of the customer list, you can insert the right resources to work with those profitable activities. Specific budgets laid directly into the list, and you’ll quickly see how many people you need to contact and what the outcome should be. There may also be restrictions on the number of customers each employee can work with.

Individual employees will at any time know what the aim of the activities are, avoiding abuse of leads and optimize the use of the various resources you have available.

Duplicate control

One of the challenges for many companies is that the same customer will be contacted several times by different consultants, often due to various customer lists in multiple formats, or key information and history that are not updated. Duplicates can also lead to the delivery of the wrong products and services, or that the customer does not get the answers he wants.

NextCom has the most comprehensive duplicate check, making sure that you’re secured against the occurrence of double contact with a lead or a customer. You choose what and how it should be run, and you can cross-check the enterprises against private individuals.

With Duplicate control you get more efficient, and the staff has time to contact potential customers. You safeguard correct history and key information on customers. The company is acting professionally, and customers are satisfied.

Customer statistics

Do you have good enough control over the results you get from customer lists? Without knowing the results it is difficult to know which customers or leads that is most effective to work towards. By demonstrating the results, you will quickly and easily be able to see the utilization rate is on your customer lists.

With Nextcom you get a detailed statistic on each customer list. It provides both real-time and historical information on all sales, offers, “hit rate”, etc. You will be able to see how much has been done, how high the activity is, not to mention how many leads are left on the specific list.

With such information readily available, it becomes easier to ensure that the companys internal and external resources are utilized to the max. Meanwhile avoid “dead time” by ensuring that those who work with customers have enough to work with. The result is increased efficiency and increased revenue from new and existing customers.

List handling functions are part of the customer relationship management-system from Nextcom. It may also be delivered as part of a larger enterprise resource planning system.

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