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Looking for a financial system that can make your business more efficient? In the business system by Nextcom, you get everything from billing and accounting system to liquidity forecasts. With a financial system that works seamlessly with vendor information, customer cards, personnel lists and accounting, you get a unified platform where everything from payroll to billing is automatic.

The financial management system is part of an all-encompassing ERP system that can be adapted and integrated with existing systems. That way you get a system that is a natural part of business. Please contact us for more information!


There are several useful functions in the financial system that you can take advantage of. The invoice application allows you to send out invoices automatically each month, quarter, year, etc. You set up how to operate subscriptions, and you can choose to send out invoices by SMS or email. The invoice program can also be integrated with the printing and accrual.

For incoming invoices , there are several possibilities, such as attestation routine, cost analysis, voucher management and payment through “Direct Remittance” (Nets).
The financial management system makes it possible for you to take a customer and supplier ledger in use, giving you access to
cash flow projections and credit checks.

We help you to transfer all the information you currently have so that you can get started quickly and easily.

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