CRM System

Nextcom Evolution CRM System – The first choice of SMB Businesses

Could your customer process be more effective? Then you should get a CRM system, or a customer service system, to get maximum effect from your resources. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system from Nextcom is an intelligent solution that helps you optimalize customer processing so you can enjoy increased sales, lowers costs, full control and satisfied customers. With all the information and activities saved in one place, sales representatives will get the work flow they need to give good service to your customers.

“The customer service system can be adapted to and integrated with already existing systems, and potentially be delivered as part of an enterprise resource planning system, so it becomes a comprehensive part of the business. In addition, we will help you transfer information so you can easily start using your business system.”

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Our customers think we deliver intelligent, world class sales- and customer service systems. For 9 years Nextcom has developed communication solutions to over one hundred small and large international businesses. Programs and solutions that few, if any, in the market can match. That is not us bragging, but our customers.

CRM as a sales tool

Set up systematic sales training with certification, encourage upselling and productivity with engaging competitions and effectivize calling with predictive dialer to get the most out of your sales representatives. With sales tools you simplify the sales process so your sales representatives get more time to contact more leads.

The tool is a great measure to increase efficiency in the sales department and make your business grow even more

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Customer service system

“Få hjelp til å yte best mulig kundeservice med et kundeservice-system som hjelper deg å beholde en størst mulig andel av kundene dine. Med oversiktelige kundekort har du den informasjonen du trenger om kunden raskt og oversiktlig tilgjengelig i systemet.” “Get help performing the best customer service possible with a customer service system that helps you keep the biggest share of your customers possible. With customer cards that are easy to keep track of, you have the information you need about the customer quickly in the system.”

With good customer cards you effectivize the workplace, and give a professional and serious impression on the customer. You will also be able to take advantage of functions like the telephone switchboard, the visitor system, and communication through SMS, e-mail and chat.

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Unique customer cards

Intelligent Customer Relationship Management (CRMI) is the first and only intelligent customer card system on the market that gives a total overview of the customer in one showing and generates automatic customer follow up patterns to secure effective 360 degree customer communication.

The solution effectivizes your workday with optimized communication and task management like follow ups, meetings, surveys, offers, sales and order processing, as well as simple support management that immediately will lead to increased control, inventory turnover and customer satisfaction.

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Product system

Intelligent Supply Chain Management (SCM) manages product categories, individual products, checklists, order confirmations (SMS and e-mail), sales restrictions, bundle codes, pictures, storage of inventory, points and provisions per product, departments and more

This may be the market’s most dynamic and flexible product system, where you make it possible to adapt and integrate everything you may need to the product system with the help of a unique special function, without the help of external development or special competence (besides reading through a short user friendly manual or receiving a simple user training session from us).”

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Handling of lists

Intelligent Lead Management handles all existing and potential customer lists, which are uploaded manually or automatically with predetermined names and content that suits you. Set up lists with goals, budgets and the sales restrictions of departments, teams, people, products or providers, and more.

Perform segmentation of the lists based on userdefined and demographical criteria for optimal prioritization, secure efficiency with duplication control and receive an immediate overview with the statistics oversight.

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System e-mail and SMS function.

The email system and SMS function makes it user friendly and intuitive when you have to send offers or order confirmations to customers through SMS or e-mail.

The transmission is stored on the customer card so you easily have an overview over what offers are sent to each individual customer, as well as their purchase history.

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Work queue

Keep overview with lists of tasks delegated to the consultants responsible.

You can set up and plan up to 50 lists (hybrid) with tasks for a consultant to work on going forward. When the task is accomplished, or if the consultant has questions about the task, the system will let you know so you are always on top of completed work.

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Statistics center

Here you can see statistics about incidents, time spent, offers, follow ups, non-answers, no’s, sales totals, unconfirmed orders, departments, shifts, hours, days, methods, budgets, segments and more.

Shows statistics for every employee based on time spent per day and hour dedicated to sales, offers, follow ups, non-answers, no’s, meetings and support.

Content rich and motivational tv-statistics for people, teams, groups, departments etc. where they can compete between each other with built in clapping sound and more.

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Integrated telephony.

Our system comes with integrated telephony that helps your employees perform the best customer service possible. With incoming calls the system retrieves the customer card so you get an immediate overview of the customer history.

With the opportunity for both manual and automatic calling, you can make the workday as efficient as possible for those responsible for calling both new and existing customers.

With integrated telephony you can effectivize the workflow at the customer center or telephone exchanges. At the same time you make sure every customer receives the follow up they expect.

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Different settings

Intelligent Business Process Management (BPM) sets up how your company works. For example industry, purpose, templates, checklists, rutines, SMS, telephony, integration with third party providers and more.”

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