Customer Service System

A customer service system can help you provide the best customer service so that you can retain the largest possible share of your customers. It’s often the case that it’s cheaper to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones. With it’s unique customer card system your employees have all the information they need about the customer collected in one place. This will enhance efficiency, but also provide a professional and comprehensive impression. The system also includes useful features such as switchboard solution, visitor system, and opportunities to communicate easily via SMS, email and chat from website.

The customer service system is a module of the customer relationship management (CRM) which can be adapted and integrated with existing systems. Please contact us for more information!


Registration of visitors

Visitor portals allows merchants, craftsmen, delivery personnel, and others who visit your business let you know that they have arrived, without having a manned reception.
By using mobile, they can leave information about whom they are visiting and why they are there. When they are finished, they may leave a note as you get visitor history in the system. Then you always know who has visited, and if so, what needs to be done after, even though you were busy with other things during the day.
See video of the visitors portal here!

Professional switchboard solution

Switchboard solution for medium and large enterprises with demand from customers requiring extra help to distribute the influx. You get switchboard functions like voice messaging, greetings (IVR) menu items, queue with statistics, time routing, call forwarding, recording and listening in in on calls for training use.

Customer service in use

By using our unique customer card system you can set all inbound and outbound customer service system, which will minimizes the amount of time spent, human error and an optimization of customer inquiries which provides a unique experience for the customer. You can easily pre-define, or group what the inquiries concern, what the challenges are, and how to handle each request with training.

Talk to your customers where they are

– SMS:If you can’t get hold of your customer on the phone, you can send a message directly by SMS. In response you will receive notification of a reply and be able to answer in a separate window where SMS history is displayed.
– E-mail: The system recognizes emails you sent out earlier. It alerts you especially about those emails so you can respond immediately.
– Web-chat: The customer can choose to use instant messaging on your web site. Where the first available consultant answers the request.

The Customer service module is a part of customer relationship management system by Nextcom. It may also be delivered as part of a larger enterprise resource planning system.

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