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Sales tool for SMB businesses.

Looking for promotional measures that can help your business to grow even more? Then you should check out Nextcoms sales tool! Here you can set up systematic sales training with certification, and encourage additional sales and productivity with engaging contests. You don’t need anything other than a CRM system that supports sales to streamline the sales process.

Sales Tool by Nextcom is an optional module for customer relationship management systemet (CRM)), and works optimally in conjunction with customer information you collect in all stages of your business. Please contact us for more information!


Sales training with certification

With the sales tool you can set up multiple-choice tests that test new employees in on system and product knowledge. You can claim a certain percentage correct answer before the new employees will be certified. Once the certification is done, they will be allowed to move on to new assignments.

In addition to certification you will have the opportunity to do exercises or development using recordings or listening in on calls for live coaching.

Summary of requirements and goals

You set up requirements and objectives of each individual user, group, team or department. The objective should reflect desired and realistic goals for each employee.
The employee has at any time an overview of the demands and objectives in the form of a bar graph with colors on the customer card, and therefore always have an overview of if he, or the team, is likely to achieve the objectives. This is an effective promotional effort for most companies.

Engaging competitions

The competition system is dynamic and flexible, and allows you to design numerous types of contests. The limitations are only in your own imagination and what motivates your team to sell more.
For example, you can create a competition that is similar to the “Tour de France” where you can use the color yellow (best overall), Dotted (best method), Green (current or best weekly) and White (best overall of those on probation). Perfect encouragement in everyday life.

Predictive dialer

Predictive dialing is a method to reduce the time a salesperson is sitting and waiting for a phone call. In many cases, it takes a long time because there are many who do not respond and a lot of voicemail. Time that could otherwise be spent on selling to those customers who take the phone.
Predictive dialer automates dialing to reach more potential customers and puts the call directly to an available seller when a customer on the line. The time it takes from the customer responds to the call is placed to an available seller is less than a second, and is an effective measure to sell more.
CRM for sales are part of the customer relationship management system by Nextcom. It may also be delivered as part of a larger enterprise resource planning system.

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