Secured big contract with Danish insurance company

The little technology company Nextcom from Sandefjord has secured a prestigious contract with Tryg Insurance.

Nextcom delivers CRM- systems (sales- and customer support systems) to Norwegian and foreign businesses. But this is the first time the company has gained access to what many consider a conservative insurance industry. Danish Tryg Insurance is the third largest insurance company in the Nordic countries.

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First customer in the insurance industry

The Sandefjord based company Nextcom has many big, Norwegian and foreign companies in it’s portfolio, but it brings us great excitement to get an in with one of Scandinavia’s biggest insurance companies, says Nextcom CEO Thomas Wolf. Together with Steinar Talmoen the two founded Nextcom in 2006.

Together with Tryg we have worked a long time to implement a CRM-system that fits their industry. We had to take into account a complicated and comprehensive insurance system where confidential information cannot be end up in the wrong place. At the same time Tryg had multiple systems we had to work into our solution. But it went well, and we are very happy to have gotten our first big customer in the insurance industry, Wolf says.

Viktig IT-satsing

The CRM-system (sales- and customer support system) will contribute to Tryg reaching their customers, – and sales targets. The investment can quickly turn into one of the most important IT-commitments in 2018 for around 600 employees who sell for Tryg. The deal is worth around 4 million Norwegian kroner a year for Nextcom. The CRM-system delivered to Tryg is a combination system that will make the workday easier and more straightforward for sales representatives and leaders.

Beat international competitors

Torbjørn Fotland, leader for Tryg’s training center, is happy to have reached an agreement with a Norwegian provider. – Nextcom stood out early in the tendering phase. Competing with much bigger and more well known international CRM-providers, Nextcom showed us early that they provide a top shelf product. The CRM-system is advanced and covers most things, but is also very intuitive and use4r friendly. Nextcom’s system contibutes to us becoming an even more user friendly company, while we professionalize our salesforce further every step of the way, says Torbjørn Fotland from Tryg Insurance.

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