Nextcom SmartSales

How much time does your employees spend on sales planning, administration and reporting? Time that could have been spent on sales?

Nextcom Smart Sales is specially designed for sales offices. The CRM-system increases efficiency for every sales representative, creates flow in the sales process and increases profitability for the business. And a better experience for the customer. We can tailor the tool to your needs.

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Productive sales work

List management

Easy to upload contact lists for existing and potential customers, manually or automatically. The lists can be segmented, and assigned to individuals or teams. Easily available activity- and result reports.

Customer cards

Gives a total overview of the customer in one showing. Suggests the next follow up automatically based on previous follow-up patterns.

Integrated telephony, e-mail and SMS

All communication is made directly through the system. The consultant saves time and can call several phones. All communication is automatically archived in the customer card.

Predictive dialer

In many cases there will be no answer when the consultant calls, or they are directed to voicemail. The system can be configured to automatically call several potential customers at once, and the call will be put to an available consultant when the customer answers. Reduces the time a consultant loses waiting for the call to be answered.

Booking meetings

Meeting invitation e-mails can easily be sent from the system, and is automatically registered in the consultant’s and the customer’s Outlook 365-calendar or Google Calendar.

Sending offers and order confirmation

Easily sent to the customer through a shared e-mail or SMS.
Offer approval is automatically registered by the system.

Integrated invoice program

Invoices can automatically be sent to the customer with or without integrated OCR.

An easier workday


Plan tasks for yourself or others in the system, so nothing slips thorough the cracks.

Task lists

Set up lists of tasks in the system, and get the most out of your employees.


Gives you a collected overview of meetings and tasks for yourself and your coworkers. The calendar can be synchronized with both Office365 and Google Calendar.

Notification center

Important updates can be shown on every consultant’s screen, which secures the best possible workflow.

Travel expenses

Create ready made travel expenses with the press of a button

Full control


Easy and flexible report solution where you see activity overview (time spent, incidents, offers, hit rate etc.) and result statistics (sales, provisions etc.) for all consultants, teams departments.


Gives full overview over personal data and simplifies administration of all the duties set under GDPR, surrounding consent, delivery of personal information, anonymity and deletion.

Motivated sales representatives


Motivating statistics with integrated clapping sound for person, team and department can be shown on the big screen.

Training and testing

Develop and test consultants’ professional, product- and system knowledge with a flexible testing system, with voice recorded conversations and listening-in for live coaching.


Consultants, teams and departments can continuously see their own progress towards goals set by their sales leaders.


Nothing motivates winners more than a sales competition!
Nextcom gives you the opportunity to easily make and administer several kinds of competitions.