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Who we are

Last updated: 20. juni 2018.

This policy includes information about your rights and storage of personal information through a customer relationship or contact with Nextcom Evolution AS, and general information about how we handle personal information in accordance with current privacy laws.

Nextcom Evolution AS does not share personal information with anyone else, nor do we use the information for any other purpose than what is declared in this privacy policy.

1.  Who is responsible for processing this information?

“Nextcom Evolution AS, through its managing director, are responsible for processing the personal information available to the company. The managing director has the utmost responsibility to ensure all processing and handling of personal information happens in accordance with current privacy laws. The managing director has delegated authority of tasks and treatment of personal information. This delegation regards the tasks only, not the responsibility.

2. Purpose and what personal information is stored

To ensure good service and correct handling of the customer relationship, Nextcom Evolution As stores information about you. This information is used to fulfill our duties to you, and to maintain the service you expect.

a. Use of the website

It is optional for those who visit our website to provide personal information connected to services like the chat or sending us inquiries through our contact form.

To register a support case or receive a providing offer we need your company name, name, cell phone number and e-mail. This is necessary to contact you and deliver and offer or solve a problem. We also store the ip-address you used to send in forms or use the chat.

b. Newsletter by e-mail

If you visit the website it is voluntary to provide personal information regarding services to receive our newsletter. When you register your e-mail address to receive our newsletter we save your e-mail address, ip-address and your activity in the newsletters we send out. If you no longer want to receive such inquiries, you can opt out of the service at any time. You can opt out by clicking “opt me out” at the bottom of the e-mails we send you. Alternatively you can let us know at [email protected] (remember to inform us of the e-mail address you want removed)

c. Sending a quote or customer relationship

When sending a quote or establishing a customer relationship with Nextcom Evolution AS we store customer information like company name, organization number, contact person, e-mail address, address, telephone number in addition to other order details/ product information you want a quote on or have purchased. To properly process the customer relationship we are dependent on storing this information.

d. Cookies

“Cookies” are small text files that saves to your unit when you download a web page. They are usually used to improve your browsing experience and remember who you are, so you can stay logged in.

The purpose of cookies is to give the web page fundamental functionality like handling the session, analysis, personalization and marketing.

Most browsers accept cookies automatically. You can always choose not to accept a cookie by changing your computer’s settings to reject cookies, or to ask for cookies to be accepted by you before storage, but this can limit the selection of functions available. This setting asks for your consent before each cookie is stored and by accepting you agree to the use of cookies on our site. This also applies by having cookies accepted by default.

3. Storage time of personal information

Information is saved by us or 3rd parties we have agreements with as long as you have an active customer relationship or as olng as the information is relevant and we need the information. The information is kept confidential and will not be distributed to other 3rd parties beyond what is specified in this agreement.

4. Legal groundwork for processing

We have the right to process personal information in accordance with Norwegian law regarding personal information and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, because processing personal information is necessary to provide our services, amongst other things.

5. Access to the information

To ensure processing of the information we store happens securely, only employees of Nextcom Evolution AS can access the information you provide us. Access to the information is secured with access control.

We will not reveal, sell, distribute, rent, license, share or forward information or personal information to any 3rd parties other than those who have an agreement and deliver services to Nextcom Evolution AS, unless we receive expressed consent from you to do so.

Nextcom Evolution AS has made agreements with different distribution partners, who distribute our newsletter and other marketing materials. The distribution partners are:

  • ServerTheWorld – hosting/server provider
  • xledger – System provider ERP
  • Facebook – provider of digital services
  • Google – provider of digital services
  • Mailchimp – provider of newsletter

We will not share personal information with our distribution partners to a bigger degree than what is necessary to achieve it’s intended purpose, for example the distribution of newsletters.

Nextcom Evolution AS has contractually determined that our providers and partners cannot use or provide your personal information for other purposes without consent.

6. Data processors and transferring information abroad

Nextcom Evolution AS has entered agreements with the following data processors:

  • ServeTheWorld – Drift/Hosting
  • Link Mobility – SMS/Aggregator
  • NextCom ITSP – IP/SIP
  • Nets – Paymentprovider
  • Bisnode Creditpro – Database
  • Experian – Database
  • Logiq – Invoice Service
  • Netlife Dialog – Database
  • Bisnode Match:IT – Database
  • CreditEasy – Database
  • GapVision – Human Development
  • Statnett/Elhub – Database
  • Phonect – IP/SIP
  • Digiplex – Drift/Hosting
  • Microsoft – Drift/Hosting

All Nextcom Evolution’s web pages are currently hosted on servers in Norway

If information is transferred within the EU/EEA-area, we will ensure the EU General Data Protection Regulation and country specific laws of data protection are followed. If we deliver personal information to a 3rd party that resides outside the EEA-area, we will ensure the transfer happens in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. If information is sent to the US, we will primarily use “Privacy shield”- certified businesses.

7. How do we secure the information? Nextcom Evolution AS har etablert regler og rutiner for  

Nextcom Evolution AS has established rules and rutines for protecting personal information and privacy.

If we process “non-personally identifiable information” combined with “personally identifiable information” (for example if your name combined with geography) all the information will be treated as personally identifiable information. If we gather or convey sensitive personal information, we use recognized trusted methods to protect the information.

If we convey your personal information to a third party, we ensure there are arrangements and deals that secure the information and prevent the 3rd party from using the personal information for other purposes than what is agreed.

We shall use all reasonable precautionary rules to ensure our employees, data processors and 3rd parties that have access to information about you, has adequate information to secure that they only treat this information in accordance with this declaration and our responsibilities under the privacy laws.

8. Your rights

All individuals who ask have the right to information about the processing of personal information in a business in accordance with the privacy law. Nextcom Evolution AS has given the information in this decleration.

If Nextcom Evolution AS processes personal information about you, you have the right to look at the information we have about you. If this personal information is incorrect, incomplete or we do not have access to process it, you can also ask Nextcom Evolution AS to correct or delete the information. Please contact us.

We do not process nor store information about you longer than necessary for its intended purpose or what is required by made agreements, and no longer than what the law allows. We delete personal information when a user expresses that he/she no longer wants to use our service.

9. Enforcement of the privacy policy.

Nextcom Evolution AS can use the information we gather about you when we have reason to believe it is necessary to identify, contact or take legal action towards individuals or businesses that can harm you, us or others. We can also reveal your information when we think the law requires it.

10. Consent, applicable law, and jurisdiction.

This privacy policy applies to all users of our website or who have a customer relationship with us. We require that users accept to comply with this policy as part of our relationship.

By using our website you agree that your personal information can be processed in accordance with this privacy policy, including transferring the information to data processors and 3rd parties as described in the policy.

Nextcom Evolution AS is subject to Norwegian law. You agree that potential disputes shall be processed by a court in Norway in accordance with Norwegian law, unless otherwise demanded by preeminent local court.

11. Changes to the policy

Nextcom Evolution AS reserves the right to alter or update the Privacy policy. All changes are applicable from the moment they are published, and will apply to the information collected from that date onwards, as well as existing information kept by Nextcom Evolution AS. You can find out when these guidelines were last updated by looking at the “Last updated” section at the top of this page.

12. Contact information

If you have any questions or comments regarding this policy or how we process personal information you can contact us at [email protected], telephone 0047 33 61 22 10, or send us a letter at Nextcom Evolution AS, Hangarveien 21, 3241 Sandefjord.

If you want Nextcom Evolution AS to correct or delete your information, or you want to have your personal information stored by Nextcom Evolution AS provided to you, you can contact us through e-mail.