CRM Service

CRM Service improves the customer experience. Enabling you to provide the best possible customer service, the system lets you leave a serious and professional impression.

Complete customer service solution

If you are looking for an efficient solution that handles incoming and outgoing communication to both new and existing customers, CRM Service is suitable for you.

Improves the customers’ experience

Our system gathers all customer information on a neat customer card, which automatically appears during incoming or outgoing calls. This allows communication to be more personal, thus giving the customer a better experience. Additionally, all customer inquiries can be structured, allowing you to build your own knowledge database which your customers can access and use for self-help.

Full overview of the customer

Minimize time use and human error, and optimize customer contact to provide a unique customer experience. You can personally define and group inquiries in terms of what they are about, what the challenges are and how each inquiry should be handled.

Modern and useful functionality

In addition to the features of Always included , the service module includes:

Ticket system

Get full control over communication with the customer with your own ticket system. A number follows the entire customer case and ensures that all communication about the same matter is in the same place.

Customer surveys

Get answers to your questions from your customers by sending SMS directly from the system. Create your own questions and analyze the answers in the analysis and reporting tool.


The switchboard solution for medium-sized and large companies. Providing switchboard functionalities such as voice message and welcome greeting (IVR), menu selection, queue with statistics, time routing, forwarding, recording and listening in.

Incoming and outgoing telephony*

Outgoing: The system is flexible and you have many options. When the consultant is shown a customer card, the system can be set up to call manually or automatically, call after a given time, or click on the phone number to call. You can also set up the call to be automatically hung up when the consultant has saved an event on the customer. You can also specify which number should be displayed on the recipient of the call.

Inbound: When a customer calls in, the system searches for the number, retrieves the customer card where previous events are shown, and then notifies the consultant who is the “owner” of the customer. The call can be transferred manually or automatically to another consultant or mobile phone. If the number is not already found in the system, a new customer card is automatically created for further handling. If desired, you can retrieve pre-filled information from 1881 or MatchIt, more thorough financial analyzes from Bisnode, for example credit assessment, rating, etc.

Knowledge database

In the knowledge database, relevant information for the users can be entered.