The Enterprise module is for those with comprehensive needs. It allows you to create a seamless everyday life for customers, suppliers and employees.

Tailored solutions

All companies have different needs, whether it is optimizing customer care or ensuring proper routines for handling of employees, customers, suppliers and the financials. With the Enterprise module, you get all this in one system. The system can be tailored to your needs.

The entire value chain – in a single system

In addition to the benefits found in CRM Complete, you get functionality that supports several business areas, such as personnel, suppliers and finance.

Work smart

Let the Nextcom Enterprise system handle sales flow, customer service and marketing. Your added benefit is full control over supplier contacts and finances.

Enterprise functionality:

In addition to the features of CRM Complete, you get:

Chain/franchise management

Full overview of the entire organization across parent, sister, and subsidiary companies, and underlying departments.

Customer and supplier overview

Create and manage supplier and partner categories with all information gathered in the system. Information such as company details, contact information or employees is easily available. Key financial information, credit valuations and ratings can be retrieved directly from vendors such as Bisnode, either manually or automatically. All events such as meetings, follow-ups, notes, files, incoming invoices, remarks, etc. is registered – including e-mail, SMS and telephone history.


Manage company positions, including handling all necessary details for each employee.

Financial management

The system integrates with several financial and accounting systems via API. By handling incoming and outgoing invoices, customer- and supplier accounts and liquidity forecasts, the system yields full financial control for the organization. You get overviews of:

  • Customer and supplier ledger
  • Liquidity forecast
  • Automatic re-invoicing and OCR download
  • Invoice for SMS and e-mail
  • Certification routines
  • Cost analysis
  • Document management and payment through direct remittance (Nets.)