Telephony and dialer

Integrates dialer, lines and telephony into your own system. In addition, you get features specially developed for sales offices and call centers, including one of the market’s top predictive dialer systems.

Integrated telephony

Outbound telephony

The system is flexible with many options. When the consultant displays a customer card, the system can be set up to:

  • Manual or automatic dialing
  • Call after a given time
  • Click on phone number to call

You can also set up the call to disconnect automatically when the consultant has saved an event on the customer. Further, the number to be displayed for the call recipient can be specified.

Inbound telephony

When a customer calls, the system searches for the number, retrieves the customer card where previous events are displayed, before it notifies the consultant assigned as the “owner” of the customer.

The call can be transferred manually or automatically to another consultant or mobile phone. If the number is not already in the system, a new customer card is automatically created for further handling.

If desired, you get pre-filled information from services such as 1881 or MatchIt, and more thorough financial analysis from Bisnode – such as credit analysis, rating, etc.

Predictive dialer, for efficient customer contact

Predictive dialing reduces the consultant’s waiting time when making a call. This can be time-intensive, since many call recipients do not respond. Predictive dialer automates calling to several potential customers at the same time and puts the call directly to a vacant consultant when a customer is on the line. The time it takes from the customer corresponding to the call being transferred to the available consultant is less than a second.


We offer a professional switchboard solution for medium-sized and large companies, with switchboard functionalities such as voicemail, welcome greeting (IVR), menu selection, queue with statistics, time routing, forwarding, recording and listening in.