CRM Complete

Maximize the entire customer journey and get more satisfied customers. With CRM Complete you get all the benefits of CRM Basic, Sales, Service and Marketing – in one system.

Let intelligent customer cards do the work

The market’s first and only intelligent customer card gives you a complete 360° picture of the customer in a single view. The system generates automatic customer follow-up patterns, ensuring relevant and effective communication.

Take customer experience to the next level

Connect with customers at the right time and place. Optimize the communication you have with your customers, such as time for customer follow-up, meetings, surveys, offers, sales, order processing and support management. This gives you increased control, greater sales and increased customer satisfaction.

Simplify reporting

The reporting solution makes being constantly updated easy. You see which parts of the system deliver, and where the weaknesses and challenges are. You can easily tailor your reports to your needs.

All functions combined in one system

Always included

Nextcom’s intelligent solutions make the system your personal assistant. The functions in the CRM Basic module keep track of your everyday life, so you can work smarter and focus on the most important things. Read more about Always included.

CRM Sales

CRM Sales simplifies the sales process so that your salespeople have more time to contact leads. The CRM system increases the individual salesperson’s efficiency, creates flow throughout the sales process and provides increased profitability for the company, with the added benefit of a better experience for the customer. Read more about CRM Sales.

CRM Service

CRM Service increases customer satisfaction. Enabling you to provide the best possible customer service, the system lets you leave a serious and professional impression. It gives you an efficient solution for incoming and outgoing communication to both new and existing customers, featuring a complete switchboard solution with access for sms chat. Read more about CRM Service.