CRM Sales

CRM Sales is specifically developed for sales offices, with multiple features that contribute to increased sales.

Tools for increased sales

CRM Sales simplifies the sales process so that your salespeople have more time to contact leads. The CRM system increases the individual salesperson’s efficiency, creates flow throughout the sales process and provides increased profitability for the company, with the added benefit of a better experience for the customer.

Intelligent customer card

For new calls, the system automatically shows the customer card, which provides a total overview of the customer in a single view. The system automatically suggests the next follow-up action, based on previous communication with the customer.

NC Customer Card
Intelligent customer card

Motivated employees

Nothing motivates a salesperson more than a contest. CRM Sales gives you the opportunity to create and manage several types of competitions. Consultants, teams and departments can continuously see results against goals.

Pipeline – tool for forecasting and time management

Gather all your projects in one place and keep track of each project’s progress. Track time with the time management function. Managers get an overview of the number of cases or tasks each consultant is working on, and how the pipeline looks in terms of budget and forecast.

Packed with intelligent and useful functionality

In addition to the features of CRM Basic , you get:

Intelligent customer card – 360° customer view

The market’s first and only intelligent customer card system that provides an overall picture of the customer in a single view and generates automatic customer follow-up patterns to ensure efficient 360° customer communication.

Work queue

Set up and plan up to 50 work task lists that your team will be working with. The system feeds the job queue automatically, ensuring that it is constantly updated.

Offers and order confirmations

Offers and order confirmations are easily sent to the customer via e-mail or SMS. Approval is automatically registered by the system.

Sales training

Create tests, for instance for system and product knowledge. Set requirements for the proportion of correct answers in order to be certified and to be allowed to proceed with assignments.

Recording and listening in

The sales consultant’s knowledge can also be developed by means of recording conversations and listening in. This is an additional feature of CRM Service.


Set objectives for user, group, team and department. Requirements and goals for the consultant and the team are displayed in the form of a coloured bar chart on the customer card, allowing the consultant to know how he or she and the team are doing, at all times.


Motivate the team with competitions. The system is dynamic and flexible, which gives you the opportunity to design a variety of competitions.

Predictive dialer

This feature reduces the time a consultant spends on missed calls. The system can be configured to automatically call several customers at the same time, and connect to an available consultant when a customer answers the call.

Email and SMS-chat

All communication with the customer is done directly in the system. This saves time for the consultant and provides more flow in everyday life. All communication is automatically archived on the customer card.