More control, increased sales and satisfied customers with Enterprise Resource Planning system by Nextcom. The application may contain what you need of communication and organization tools, ranging from CRM system and Salestools to financial management. You can customize the ERP system to your existing solutions and the specific needs of your employees and your business demands.

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Tailored business system
with multiple modules

Both large and medium-sized businesses can benefit from a custom business solution that addresses the specific challenges you face and simplify everyday tasks.The ERP-system easy and inexpensive to integrate with existing solutions.
Whatever problems your company faces in communication and organization, we can help you tailor a solution that meets the requirements you have to your business system. Here you can look through some of the features we already offer within ERP and CRM solutions:


STARTUP BUSINESS is the solution that helps you gain control of all meetings, tasks and information.


Here you get an overview of all your tasks, meetings and calendar entries. In addition, you also get an overview of shared calendar entries. The calendar is synchronized with Office 365 and Google Calendar.
Watch news in your fields, industries, companies etc. and receive continuous alerts, so you always can keep up to date of what’s happening. You can also search through our news archive and with a single keystroke share news on your twitter profile. Plus you get daily updates of new enterprises that registers in the Company Register.
Create workshops, place and time (start and finish). Add internal participants and external participants such as customers and suppliers. Send invites per email where you choose to demand a response from participants. Then create one during each workshop tasks / questions / clarifications, the next step, the date for the deadline and who is responsible. The person responsible for each task can then upload their task in the form of file attachments that are linked to the task. The workshop and respective tasks listed in the calendar alert.
Create a task where you set deadline (day and time), warning time and the responsible party. The task is automatically listed in your calendar or to whoever is assigned the responsibility for the task. You can later go into adding attendees like colleagues, customers and/or suppliers or as “spectator”.
This is a special password protected area where you store links to all cloud / web-based systems using the corresponding username and password with the possibility of sharing with colleagues. The document can also be shared remotely via e-mail.
Create a news/information page, upload your newsletter to be displayed, set the time, how long it stays up and who can see it – a company, department, and/or group.
You can create meetings that are internal, external, other/to-do lists, telephone-/video conferences or privately with timestamp, notification and description to participants and spectators, colleagues, customers, and suppliers where the notice by e-mail is sent with the possibility of requesting confirmation. Set up an agenda with topics, presenters and time off with report from the meeting stored and sent by e-mail to participants after the meeting. Ability to upload files before, during and/or after the meeting.
Here you can create and work with text documents live and share with others. You will get a notification if someone shares a document with you and when one of the participants made a change in the document.
Overview of all your notifications that you have been continuously notified of by SMS, email and in the system with a flashing icon and sound. These are notifications that you should remember like meetings, tasks and workshop or if someone else created or modified a meeting, task, workshop, files, documents, submitted invoices to attestation, your visitors has arrived etc. Notifications depends on which modules and roles you are assigned.
You can create a complete and approved travel expense on all external meetings where the address is defined. All necessary information is completed and ready to be sent to accounting.
You can create your own folder structure for uploading of files and images in a folder that can be shared with colleagues. In addition, you can check the files you want to share pr. email or download the ZIP.
You can do searches in external databases like Telefonkatalogen, 1881, Brønnøysund Reg., Lov Data, Proff Firmasøk, Proff Rollesøk, Bing, Google, Posten Pakkesporing, NORID (domenesøk), Wikipedia, Helsebiblioteket, LinkedIn and Facebook.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are solutions that support many business areas as personnel, customers, suppliers and economy.

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Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) is the solution that helps you and your company to develop, maintain and improve current and future business relationships.
The solution handles all information about company names w/ logo, country, type, address, phone / e-mail, websites, sales channel and industry. All of this can easily be loaded into the system, either manually or automatically. Information which Company Reg., ISIN no, payment dates for payroll, tax accounts, tax municipalities, bank and short description of the business can easily be loaded. The module ensures good overview of shareholders, directors, general manager, accountant, bookkeeper, lawyers etc. and all files / documents and events associated with the company. One can choose who is granted permissions to other systems / companies in the organization.
Supply Relationship Management (SRM) is the solution that helps you and your company to develop, maintain and improve current and future supplier and partner relationships.
Create and manage vendors and partner categories where all the information about your supplier will be. Company information, contact information, employees, etc. Economic key information, credit information and ratings can be obtained directly from such Bisnode, either manually or automatically. All events such as meetings, follow-ups, notes, files, incoming invoices, notices etc. will be recorded – including email, sms and telephony history if this is set up.
Enterprise Planning System (EPS) sets up the organization’s corporate structure with modernization, affiliates and / or subsidiaries with underlying departments, so as to have full control of the entire organization
– Customer and supplier ledger
– liquidity forecast
– Invoices Automatic re-billing (There are subscription routine that automatically invoices by month / quarter / year / 2 years etc.), Automatic OCR download, invoice by SMS and E-mail, integration with the printing and accrual.
– Incoming Invoices: Certification Procedures, cost analysis, voucher management and payment through “Direct Remittance” (Nets).
Human Relationship Management (HRM) is the solution that helps you and your company to develop, maintain and improve current and future human relations.
Create and manage positions in the company as information about the role, the manager, appraisals, number, probation, notice of termination, confidentiality, main tasks, BI tasks, responsibilities, roles, salaries, requirements and goals. The system handles all the necessary information for each employee as personal data, social networking, phone / e-mail, insurance, seniority, pension plan, union, account number, address, employment, dependents, payroll, absence, vacation, damage files and expertise.
NextCom has developed a intelligent email system that can replace or be used in addition to existing solutions. The system contains all the familiar features in addition to a unique e-mail pattern that makes it possible to gather all mail to / from your company domain in one place (with the possibility to distinguish between emails that are private or job-related ).
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the solution that helps you and your company to develop, maintain and improve current and future customer and distribution relationships. Create and manage customer categories where all the information about your customer will show up for example company information, contact information, employees, etc. Economic key information, credit information and ratings of the customer can be retrieved directly from the example of Bisnode, either manually or automatically. All events such as meetings, follow-ups, notes, files, sales invoices, manual invoices, comments etc. will be registered – including email, sms and phone history – if this is set up. You can, in addition, set up if the customer should be registered as a dealer of your company, where it then can be created full commission review and commission based on accounts, interval, number, invoice status, rate of commission to the dealer, etc.
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Intelligent customer management with customer relationship management system is the solution for you that will maximize the efficiency in customer processes at every level which immediately leads to increased sales, lower costs, more control and more satisfied customers.

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Intelligent Customer Relationship Management (CRMI) is the markets first and only intelligent loyalty card system that provides an overall picture of the customer in one place and generates automatic customer patterns to ensure a highly effective 360 degree customer communication. The solution streamlines and optimizes your communications and task management such as monitoring, meetings, surveys, supplies, sales and order processing, as well as basic support management that will immediately lead to increased control, revenue and customer satisfaction.
Intelligent Supply Chain Management (SCM) manages product categories, individual products, checklists, order confirmations (SMS and email), marketing restrictions, bundle codes, images, inventory, points and commissions per product, department etc. This is perhaps the market’s most dynamic and flexible product system, where we have applied the help of a unique and special feature that makes it possible to adapt and integrate everything you might need for your product system without the help of external development or special skills (except reading through a brief user manual or get a simple user training by us).
Intelligent Lead Management handles all existing and potential customer lists uploaded manually or automatically with predefined names and content of choice. Set up lists with other purposes, budgets and time restrictions to a department, team, group, person and / or product / supplier. Segment the lists you want for custom and / or demographic criteria. All lists also contain a very detailed statistical overview (sales, offers, hit rate, etc).
Used to send offers and order confirmations.
Here you can set up and schedule up to 50 lists (hybrid) with work as a consultant to work with the future.
Displaying statistics for events, time use, provision, monitoring, no answers, no sales and sales total, unconfirmed orders, department, shift, hours, days, method, budget, segment etc.
Showing statistics for each employee based on time useage per day and hours used on sales, provision, monitoring, no answer, no, meetings and support.
Eventful and motivating statistics for individuals, team, group, department, etc. where they can compete among each other with a built in clapping sound ETC.

Outgoing telephone: One can have either manual or automatic call when the customer card is displayed or after a given time so that the consultant can get into the customer details before dialing , click on the number to call. One can also set up the call to be automatically added on when the consultant list an event to the client. You can also specify the number to be displayed for the receiver of the call.

Ingoing telephone: When a customer calls in, the system searches for the number, retrieves the customer card, displays past events then notify the consultant who is the “owner” of the customer. The call can be set manually or automatically to another consultant or mobile phone. If the number isn’t already in the system, the system will automatically create a new loyalty card for further treatment. If desired you can get prefilled basic information from 1881 or matchit. Thorough economic analysis of Bisnode such as credit rating, rating, statement, and more ..

Intelligent Business Process Management (BPM) sets up your company as industry, purpose, templates, checklists, procedures, SMS, telephony, checklists, integration with third-parties etc.


Intelligent sale is a solution for those who want to optimize the sales of an individual, a team, a department and the organization.

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Here you can create multiple-choice tests including system and product knowledge. One may require a certain % correct answers in order to be certified and the system allows you to continue with your tasks. In addition you have the ability to train and develop your employees using recorded conversations for live coaching.
desirable and realistic goals for each consultant. Requirements and objectives for the consultant and teams appears in the form of bar graphs with color on the customer card so that the consultant always know how he / she and his team / her are doing.
A very dynamic and flexible competition system that allows you to design numerous types of contests. For example, you can create a contest that equals “Tour de Franche” where you can use the color yellow (best overall), Dotted (best progress / climb), Green (current CE. best seller of the week) and White (best overall ). The only restrictions are your own imagination.
Predictive dialing is a method to reduce the time a consultant is sitting idle and waiting for a call. In many cases it takes a long time because there are many people that don’t respond and a lot voicemails. Predictive dialer automates dialing to reach a higher amount of potential customers and sends it to an available consultant.The time it takes from the customer responds to the call being sent to the available consultant is less than a second.



Intelligent customer service is the solution for those who want to optimize customer service to new and existing customers.

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Deals with in/out registration of personnel and serves as an unmanned reception for visits, service and/or delivery of goods. See video:
Professional switchboard solution for medium and large businesses with switchboard functionality as voice messages / greetings (IVR), menu item queue w / statistics, time routing, forwarding calls, recording and listening in/Intrusion.
By using our unique loyalty card system module for Intelligent Service Relationship Management (SRM) all inbound and outbound communications will minimize the amount of time spent, human error and optimization of customer inquiries to provide a unique customer experience. This is possible when you can predefine / group inquiries, what the challenges are and how each request shall be handled in practice. In addition, all costumer inquiries are structured so that you can build up their own knowledge database so customers can help themselves.
– SMS: If you can’t get hold of your customer per phone you can send a message directly to the customer by SMS. When the customer replies you will get a notification of this so that you can respond in a separate window where the sms history appears. You can open the customer card from the sms alert and continue further work from there.
– E-mail: The system recognizes replies to emails that you’ve sent so that you are notified specifically about these emails so you can respond immediately.
– Web: Customers that chooses to use the chat on the website gets sent to first available consultant.

Intelligent Direct Marketing is the solution that helps your business optimize leads- and prospect generation.

Handles registration of visits to the company, events such as exhibition stands, booths, kick-off, conference etc ..
On a user-friendly, yet professional way you can easily set up your own campaign pages for lead generation and sales. For example, on the website you can set up a page for this weeks houses, cars and similar for enrollment on interest list lead generation, or the opportunity to be able to go directly to the order process to purchase your product.
– SMS to existing customers who have chosen/accepted to be informed by sms.
– E-MAIL to predefined lists of existing customers or prospects.
– POST for DM.
Codeword used in direct marketing, radio advertising or television advertising.

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