Specially developed for sales and customer service

  • Easy to integrate with existing system
  • Increases efficiency
  • Easy to use

Integration with

Microsoft Dynamics
Oracle Siebel
add on crm
Sugar CRM

Streamline your existing CRM system with the Nextcom add-on

Several of our customers have systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Oracle Siebel, SAP, Sugar CRM and ZOHO. They have increased their efficiency, turnover and conversion rate by using Nextcom as an add-on.

By using Nextcom as an add-on to the existing system, you get highly motivated salespeople, increased efficiency and sales. Nextcom has an intuitive user interface that has been specially developed for sales and customer service. The system is smart, easy to use, and you get started quickly.

User-friendly and easy to learn
Improves the customer experience and increases turnover
Easy to integrate with other systems
“We have integrated Nextcom CRM Sales with Salesforce, and it works very well. Nextcom gives us full control, and the salespeople’s working day has become more efficient. They have control over which customers they should follow up on and where in the sales process the customer is at all times. This means that we can adapt our communication to the customer, which provides a better customer experience. Nextcom’s system is easy to get used to, it has good opportunities for integration with other systems and simply makes everyday life easier in terms of administration.”

Martin Malmo, Managing Director, Mr. Mobile

Add-on CRM simplifies sales and customer service processes

“Click and play; Nextcom’s CRM makes it easy to get things sorted. The system is customer-friendly and very user-friendly. We use the system for sales and have had it shaped so that it suits our needs.”

Hamid Allahdadi, Channel Manager Partner Sales

“Nextcom CRM simplifies the salespeople’s everyday life and ensures that we can focus on the customer. At Amedia Consumer Sales, the salespeople call for all of Amedia’s newspapers, and rely on a CRM that is flexible and user-friendly. They wanted a CRM that was not too cumbersome, and the choice fell on Nextcom.”

Gitte Aurstad, General manager at Amedia Consumer Sales

Sales & Service

  • Nextcom’s CRM factory ensures that all processes are optimized and automated, with a 360° overview of the customer in one view.
  • Tailor-made pipeline for an overview of sales and forecasts. Full control at all stages of a sales process.
  • Overview of products you sell. Customize by a wide variety of options.
  • Advanced features for managing lists.
  • Tailor-made statistics center with an overview of sales, conversations, budgets etc.

Packed with intelligent and useful functionality

Intelligent customer card

The market’s first and only intelligent customer card system that provides a total picture of the customer in one view and generates automatic customer follow-up patterns to ensure effective 360-degree customer communication.


As a sales tool, our pipeline function gives your company a fantastic overview and control over all sales cases, projects and delivery processes. The pipeline tool provides an overview of prospects and where they are in a sales process. All events in the customer journey are registered in the system. Progress in the sales process is measured, and the sellers weight the value of the prospect with a percentage in relation to how far in the sales process one has progressed. In this way, the managers know exactly how far in the sales process the various prospects have progressed, and have a better basis for creating budgets.

Work queues

Here you can plan up to 50 lists of tasks that the team will work on in the future. The system feeds the job queue automatically, so that it is constantly updated.

Quotation dispatches and order confirmations

Offers and order confirmations are easily sent to the customer via e-mail or SMS. Acceptance of offers is automatically registered by the system.

Sales training

Create tests for, among other things, system and product knowledge. You can set requirements for the proportion of correct answers to be certified and to be allowed to proceed with tasks.

Recording and listening

The sales consultant’s knowledge can also be developed by recording conversations and listening. This is an additional function to the CRM Service.


Set goals for user, group, team and department. Requirements and goals for the consultant and the team are shown in the form of a bar chart with colors on the customer card, so that the consultant knows at all times how he or she and the team are doing.


Motivate the team with competitions. The system is dynamic and flexible, which gives you the opportunity to design different competitions. The limits are your own creativity.

Predictive dialer

This function reduces the time a consultant loses on missed calls. The system can be configured to automatically call several customers at the same time, and the call is put to an available consultant when a customer answers the phone.

E-mail and SMS-chat

All communication with the customer is done directly in the system. This saves the consultant time and gives more flow in everyday life. All communications are automatically archived in the customer card.