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Could your customer process be more effective? Then you should invest in a CRM system or customer service system, to get the maximum effect.

The Customer Relationship Management system (CRM system) from Nextcom is an intelligent solution that helps you optimize customer management so you can benefit from increased sales, lower costs, more control and customer satisfaction. With all the information and activities stored in the same place, the sellers get the workflow they need to provide good service to your customers.

The system can be adapted and integrated with existing systems, and optionally provided as part of anenterprise resource planning system, so that it becomes an integral part of your business. In addition, we will help you transfer information so that you get easily started with your new business system.

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Our customers believe we deliver a world class intelligent sales and support system (CRM system). For nine years we at Nextcom have developed a communication solutions for over a hundred small and large international businesses. Applications and solutions few, if any, in the market can match. we don’t like to boast, but our customers do.

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Sales Tools

Set up systematic sales training with certification, encourage additional sales and productivity with engaging contests and streamline calls with predictive dialer to maximize your output. With the sales tool you facilitate the sales process so that the sellers have more time to contact leads.

The tool is an excellent measure to increase efficiency in the sales department and get your business to grow even more.

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crm system

Customer Service System

Get help to provide the best possible customer service with a customer service system that helps you keep the largest possible share of your customers. With streamlined customer card, you have the information you need about the customer quickly available in the system.

With good customer cards you streamline your work and provide a professional and serious impression to the customer. You will also benefit from features such as switchboard solution, visitor system, and communication via SMS, email and chat.

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Unique customer cards

Intelligent Customer Relationship Management (CRMI) is the markets first and only intelligent loyalty card system that provides an overall picture of the customer in one view and generate automatic customer patterns to ensure a highly effective 360 ​​degree communication.

The solution streamlines your work with optimized communications and task management such as monitoring, meetings, surveys, supplies, sales and order processing, as well as basic support management that will immediately lead to increased control, revenue and customer satisfaction.

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Product System

Intelligent Supply Chain Management (SCM) manages product categories, individual products, checklists, order confirmations (SMS and email), marketing restrictions, bundle codes, images, inventory, points and commissions per product, department etc.

This is perhaps the markets most dynamic and flexible product system, where with the help of a unique special feature makes it possible to adapt and integrate everything you might need without the help of external development or special skills (except reading through a brief user manual or get a simple user training by us).

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Lead and List Management

Intelligent Lead Management handles all existing and potential customer lists uploaded manually or automatically with predefined names and content of choice. Put up lists with the objectives, budget and time restrictions to department, team, person, product or supplier.

Make segmentation of the lists by custom and demographic criteria for optimal prioritization, ensuring efficiency with duplicate check and get instant insight with the statistics dashboard.

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System e-mails and SMS-functions

The e-mail system and SMS feature of the CRM system makes it easy to use and intuitive when you send out offers or order confirmations on mobile or e-mail to customers.

Mails are stored on the customer card so that you have an overview of what offers are sent out to each customer and their purchase history.

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Work queue

Keep track of lists and tasks assigned to the responsible consultant.

You can set up and schedule up to 50 lists (hybrid) for a consultant to work on in the future. When the task is completed, or if the consultant has questions about the task, the system will notify you so that you are always on top of the work.

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Statistics Center

Displaying statistics for events, timeuse, provision, monitoring, no answers, no and sales total, unconfirmed orders, department, shift, hours, days, methods, budget, segment etc.

Showing statistics for each employee based on the time used per day and hours used on sales, provision, monitoring, no answer, no, meetings and support.

Eventful and motivating statistics for individual, team, group, department, etc. where they can compete among themselves with a built-in clapping sound.

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Integrated phone

Our CRM system comes with integrated telephone that helps your employees provide the best service. The system retrieves the customer card where you get instant overview of customer history.

With the possibility of both manual and automatic dialing, you can make your workday more effective for those who have the responsibility to call new and existing customers.

With integrated phone you can streamline workflow at the call center or telephone exchanges. At the same time it ensures that every single customer gets the attention they deserve.

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Unique settings

Intelligent Business Process Management (BPM) has settings for how your company works – industry, purpose, templates, checklists, procedures, SMS, telephone, checklists, integration with third-parties etc.

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