For a long time we have worked closely with the telecommunication industry, and we know the challenges the industry faces well. Technology develops at a rapid pace. Customers, employees and management expect more and more, and the government is setting higher and higher standards when it comes to treating personal data.

From our base in Sandefjord we have cooperated closely, for many years, with our customers in the telecommunication sector, and developed a system that is specially designed for the industry. The system facilitates effective sales work and great customer experiences, it simplifies the workday for employees, and gives leaders the information and control opportunities they need to lead the business in the right direction.

The system can be integrated with the customer’s existing POS-systems and similar systems to easily make information about subscription and operator history, browser speed, fiber access, etc, available in Nextcom.

We have tailored a CRM-package based on your needs, and can customize the product further upon request. You can read more about our products by clicking the boxes.

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Nextcom SmartSales

For sales offices

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Nextcom SmartLeadership

For sales organizations with several sales departments

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Nextcom SmartService

For everyone with management of big customer databases

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