Optimized for sales teams

Nextcom sales CRM is optimized for sales teams and customer centers of all sizes.

With Nextcom sales CRM, you simplify the sales process so that your salespeople can spend more time contacting leads. The CRM system increases the efficiency of each individual salesperson, creates flow throughout the sales process and provides increased profitability for the company. The added benefit is a better experience for the customer.

“Nextcom CRM simplifies everyday life for salespeople and ensures that we can focus on the customer. The system is neat, flexible and easy for salespeople to use. You can call from anywhere, as long as you have a computer and internet access. Then just log in and get started.

In addition, our inquiries Nextcom always get responded to, quickly.”

Gitte Aurstad, general manager of Amedia Forbrukersalg AS

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Predictive dialer

This feature reduces the the consultant’s time wasted on missed calls. The system can be configured to automatically call several customers at the same time, and connecting the call to an available consultant when the customer picks up the phone.

Simple list management, updated and easily accessible sales reports

You can easily implement and distribute contact lists to individuals or teams. The lists can be segmented. The system has a simple and flexible reporting solution displaying activity overview such as time use, events, offers, hit rate, etc. Performance statistics for sales, commission per consultant, team and department is available.

Integrated telephony, e-mail and SMS

All communication with the customer is done directly in the system. This saves time for the consultant and provides more flow in everyday life. The communication is automatically archived on the customer card.