Always included

The intelligent features of the CRM Basic module turns the system into your personal assistant. Let the system keep track of your everyday life, so you can work smarter and focus on the more important tasks.

Simplifying your day

Always included simplifies your everyday life. Get full overview of your customer, projects, meeting, tasks and much more – in one system.


Gather all your projects in one place and keep track of their progress. The time management function helps you keep an eye on time spent.

Perfect for startups looking to grow

This module is perfect for startups. All settings are flexible and can be adapted to your needs.

Pipeline project management tool

Intelligent and modern system

One of the market’s most intelligent and modern systems, packed with useful functionality.

Packed with useful functionality:

Customer database

Create and manage customer categories with all relevant information regarding your customers – in one place. Look up anything from business information and contact information, to key financial information. Retrieve credit information and rating directly from Bisnode, either manually or automatically. All events, such as meetings, follow-ups, notes, files, outgoing invoices, manual invoices, remarks etc. will be registered. You will find e-mail, SMS and telephone history, and additionally you can choose to register customers as agents of your business. This unveils the full sales commission overview where agent commission basis can be created, based on chart of accounts, interval, volume/quantity, invoice status, agent commission rate, etc.

List management

The intelligent list management system handles all existing and potential customer lists, which are uploaded manually or automatically, with predefined names and content of your choice. Here you can set up lists by purpose, budget, sales restrictions, department, team, group, person, product and supplier. Segment the lists the way you want, according to custom and demographic criteria. All lists contain detailed statistics overviews.

Product system

Nextcom’s product system is an intelligent solution that handles product categories, individual products, checklists, order confirmations, sales restrictions, bundle codes, images, inventory, points and commissions per product, department, etc. This is perhaps the market’s most dynamic and flexible product system, in which you by using a unique special feature get the possibility to adapt and integrate virtually everything you can wish for – without requiring external development or special skills.

Order and task management

Order and task management is built up with automated follow-up patterns, checklists, routines, response codes, etc. This automation applies from the first step in the sales process and carries on until the customer confirms the sale, and further until the customer has received the desired product or service. Whether you are selling for your own business, or on behalf of a client: Confirmed offers and orders are automatically registered in the system, and various tasks and activities are created for the person or team responsible for the further process.

The system ensures that all sales activities go through predefined order and task statuses. The workflow is determined based on whom is responsible for what in the given departments. Due to the automated processes, all iterations made along the way help safeguard against making human errors.

Statistics center

This is where you find statistics on events such as time consumption, offers, follow-up, unresponsive, rejected and total sales, unconfirmed orders, department, shifts, hours, days, methods, budget, segmentation, etc. The system can display statistics for each individual employee based on daily time consumption for sales, follow-up, unresponsive sales, rejected sales, meetings and support.

Corporate structure

Our Enterprise Planning System (EPS) sets up the organization’s corporate structure with parent, sister and/or subsidiaries with subordinate departments, putting you in full control of the entire organization’s business areas.

Calendar and meetings

Here you get a comprehensive overview of all your tasks, meetings and calendar entries. You additionally get an overview of coworkers’ shared calendar entries. The calendar synchronizes with both Office365 and Google Calendar.


Used for quotation and order confirmation.

Internal newsletter

Information flow is important, also internally. Create an information page where you can upload the newsletter. All posts can be timed and displayed to defined groups.


Here you can create your own folder structure where you upload files and photos in a folder that can be shared with colleagues. Choose if you want to share individual files per email or per download.


Handles entry and exit registration of personnel and acts as an unmanned front desk for visitors.

Intelligent customer card system

The market’s first and only intelligent customer card system that provides a total picture of the customer in one view and generates automatic customer follow-up patterns to ensure effective 360-degree customer communication.


All communication with the customer can be done directly in the system. This saves the consultant time and gives more flow in everyday life. All communications are automatically archived in the customer card.

Integrated telephony*

Integrates dialer, lines and telephony into your own system. In addition, you get features specially developed for sales offices and call centers, including one of the market’s top predictive dialer systems. * This is an additional feature of CRM Basic.

Recording and listening*

The customer consultant’s knowledge can be developed with a flexible test system, as well as the use of recording of conversations and listening.

TV and competition module

Follow along on the TV screen; competitions and results right on the wall.

Customer care module

Make it easy to follow up your existing customers with surveys directly from the CRM system. Get the answers and information you want from your customers, and analyze the results in the reporting and analysis tool.

GDPR tools

This function provides a full overview of all personal data and simplifies administration obligations as a result of GDPR (Consent, personal data, anonymisation and deletion).