We have increased the efficiency of our call center by 300 percent per salesperson

– We needed a simple and clear call system without start-up costs. Our choice fell on Nextcom CRM, and after a short time, the efficiency of our call center skyrocketed, says operations manager at Enevo Daniel Storløs.

More efficient sellers

The system has enabled salespeople to be more productive and spend their time on what actually generates revenue; namely, sales. After they used predictive dials, the efficiency per seller has increased by 300 percent.

Maximizing production time made it possible to operate profitably and at the same time be competitive in a pressured market.

More income for the sellers

It is the customer calls a call center makes money on. With a response rate of around 30 percent earlier, much of the workday disappeared to unnecessary waiting. The company therefore had to compensate with a higher rate per sale and hire more salespeople to reach set goals. – After we got a new system, we notice that the motivation has increased and that there is real pressure on the office. With the personal answer module that comes with the predictive dialer, you do not have to waste time on empty calls.

He further says that another advantage is that Nextcom has also developed a personnel module that handles absences, holidays and the like for them. – Now we do not have to spend time on several HR systems and extra costs on this.

– I would recommend Nextcom’s solution to all call centers. We have been very satisfied with both the product and the follow-up from the company, says Storløs.