From post-it notes to system and order

We quickly got excited about Nextcom’s unique system, says the department manager at Tryg.

Jannicke N. Hansen, head of department at Tryg Forsikring, believes that Nextcom’s CRM system has provided major efficiency gains in the way the insurance company collects, distributes and processes leads. – We quickly got excited about Nextcom’s unique system, says the department manager at Tryg.

Text and photo: Arvid Steen

– We finally got our lead processes in order after Nextcom came on the scene. From collecting and distributing leads via several different IT systems, yellow notes, excel sheets, note bases and from each individual seller’s PCs, we got via automated processes, all leads into Nextcom.

It’s a whole new workday! Instead of spending a lot of time on manual work and coordination, we can spend the time on value-creating activities such as improving lead quality, analyzes and developing new lead sources, says department manager Jannicke N. Hansen at Tryg.

The agreement with the insurance giant Tryg was signed in the autumn of 2016. A few months later, the system was taken into use by approx. 400 insurance advisers – today there are close to 600 users. The employees started using the system after a short training from Nextcom’s professional employees.

Solved our problems quickly and smoothly
– I have worked at Tryg since 2001 and have experience from several major projects. The whole NextCom project was a positive experience with things being solved continuously and efficiently. Do not think there are so many other companies of our size that have implemented such a comprehensive setup in months and not years, Jannicke smiles.

Nextcom is at Tryg a tool for the entire franchise apparatus’ outgoing activity as well as internal and external TM. The system also plays an important role in onboarding new salespeople with an automated process for training, testing and monitoring the progress of a new employee.

Success in Larvik was noticed in Bergen
Nextcom’s agreement with Tryg actually came about when the solution was in operation at a single franchise office in Larvik. There they were very happy with the Sandefjord company.

– This came to our ears at the head office in Bergen, and we contacted Nextcom. We were quickly excited about the opportunities that Nextcom presented. Ease of use, good reports, easy implementation and not least I liked all the possibilities for automation, both of internal and external processes, says Jannicke.

No need to call abroad
Not many Norwegian companies can deliver a full-scale CRM system. It was an extra plus that Nextcom is a Norwegian company, with Norwegian-speaking people on development and support. This makes it easy and efficient to get help and especially in the implementation phase and when further developing the solution, it has been important for us, says Jannicke.

She adds:

– It is quite unique to work with Steinar and the gang in Nextcom who have built the software themselves and know every bit of the system. If you have a challenge, they can in many cases find a solution that can be implemented in days and in some cases in the evening on the same day – it is invaluable service for us and gives us satisfied salespeople who in turn give us more satisfied customers, smiles Jannicke.