Customer Relationship Management adapted by several industries

Many companies have experienced the difference to have a well-functioning system to maximize the potential within its industry.

Nextcom have successful partnerships with high profile clients in several industries. Everything from electricity suppliers to insurance have found value in streamlining their workflow, sales processes and customer care by a tailored Customer Resource Management (CRM)If you meet the unique challenges in your industry that generic systems can not solve? Then we want to help you!

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Our customers believe we deliver a world class intelligent sales and support system (CRM system). For nine years we at Nextcom have developed communication solutions for over a hundred small and large international businesses. Applications and solutions few, if any, in the market can match. we don’t like to boast, but our customers do.

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Power Suppliers

TV and electricity supplier Enevo, headquartered in Trondheim, chose Nextcom as its CRM system when they needed to make the call center more efficient. Sellers have become three times more efficient than before and has made Enevo very competitive in a vulnerable industry.
You can read the full reference from Enevo here!

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Several companies within telecom has seen the value in a custom CRM-system sthat makes it easy and efficient for employees to provide good service, even with a large amount of customers. And with the sales tool Tele2 has, among other, experienced significant growth!

You can read references from Tele2 and Nextgentel here!

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The ease of use and the ability to tailor the CRM-system tare important factors that Tryg sales center in Larvik looked at when they chose their system which has shown formidable growth in its sales force. With IP telephone directly linked to the customer service system, the sales job is a breeze.

You can read the full reference from Tryg here!

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