We are with you – all the way.

Nextcom is developed in Norway and all our consultants and developers are situated under the same roof. For us, proximity to the customer is important. We assist with consulting and support before, during and after implementation.

Streamlining your work processes

In our opinion, successfully streamlined company work processes comes with some prerequisites:

  • The company must have a solid and up-to-date CRM comprehension in the organization, and a proper CRM policy.
  • The CRM solution of choice should be adapted to the company’s actual needs.
  • The organization should be familiar with and actively pursuing for the objectives it has set for its CRM ( CRM roadmap ).
  • Members should be familiar with, and take advantage of, the full range of benefits CRM can provide for the business.

Meeting these requirements in full may be a daunting task for many companies – with missing out on their full potential as the result. To help you achieve more, we offer CRM consulting – where the purpose is to assist you in effectively creating value, through the correct implementation and application of your CRM solution.

Your own consultant

We offer various agreement forms which provide you with your dedicated consultant. The consultant’s purpose is to ensure your optimal use of the system, so that it provides added value for you – in the short and long term.

Your consultant:

  • Is personal for you
  • Posesses the correct industry experience
  • Owns the project and is present throughout the CRM process

Ready to streamline your business?