Nextcom is developed in Norway and all our developers are situated in our headquarters. For us, proximity to the customer is important.

Configuration and development

Configuration and development of Nextcom has proven to be a highly demanded service for many of our customers, and has become a significant part of the total work effort that Nextcom performs.

Unlike pure consulting firms, which specialize in stand-alone development and configuration of e.g. SalesForce, SAP or Dynamics365, our system is 100% developed and owned by Nextcom. This gives us a have a huge advantage in that we own the source code for the system. For you, the customer, this ensures that you can get exactly what you want, directly from the system owner.

The consulting firms must usually be certified by the system owner on the products they want to include in their deliveries. As a system owner and developer of the system, Nextcom is “exempt” from such certification, and you as a customer are guaranteed to get exactly what the system offers in desired deliveries (whether it is with or without additional development). And even better; we have generic development, as well. This means that if a development done for one customer also suits other customers, we will publish it to them as well – with no development costs for the other customers.

Our goal is to create value and competitiveness for our customers. This requires that we at all times maintain a high level of insight into available products and services. You can rest assured that by choosing Nextcom as your supplier, you will not only gain expertise, but also an attitude where we continuously try to expand and create new solutions, based on the entire product package we offer in the market.

What is configuration?

Configuration means adaptation of the IT tool without the need for reprogramming. A typical configuration task may consist of creating new templates for quotation letters, setting up campaigns, and adapting work processes in Nextcom. We seek to use as much configuration as possible, so that future updates of Nextcom will be cost-saving for you.


Development means programming of tailor-made IT solutions; for instance when you need entirely new functionality that is not present today, or integrating Nextcom with other professional systems. The purpose is to adapt your CRM system to your actual work processes, and to simplify the system to contain only what you need.

Individually customized to achieve your goals

We undertake small and large assignments for configuration and development of all our products and services. By adapting and developing services directly toward your business, you can achieve your digital transformation goals – whether it is competitive differentiation, sales efficiency or increased customer satisfaction. We make your ambitions possible.

Your current situation and your vision for the future will affect the overall scope and workload of the project. In larger projects, we have the opportunity to adapt your transformation over several project phases and thus be able to ensure a controlled and steady transformation process, safeguarding both your human and financial resources.

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