Full control in the sales department

– In many ways Nextcoms sales tool is a revolution in the way that we gained control of the business units, says director of product and project in NextGenTel, Jens Hetland. We must go back in time to 2011. At that time, Jens Hetland sales and marketing director of Telio, which was later merged into the NextGenTel.
He got a recommendation from good partners about the Nextcom CRM technology, and decided to bet on -the then unknown- IT entrepreneurs from Sandefjord. He hasn’t had one regret.

Telio_NextGentel_nx-cid_Jens fargeGrew at record speed
– In 2011, the company had a strong growth phase. In a few months we grew from 30 to 80 sellers. It goes without saying that we were depending on a system that could cope with the growth, and a tool that took care of our customers in the best way. We lost control on the sales side of things. We quickly noticed that we got the overview and ease with the Nextcom system, he said.

He adds that a CRM system also helped enhance customer service.

– We had several subcontractors who sold broadband and mobile products for us. We were also dependent on their procedures to keep in touch with our customers. For us, customer service is everything. Nextcom tailored a CRM system that also took care of our customers, it was absolutely perfect, says Hetland.

He says that Telio got delivered a solution that made the order confirmations easy to send via SMS and email with a few keystrokes. In 2011 this was a service that was well received in the market. Today, customer service is taken for granted, but Nextcom has developed a system that makes it stress free for merchants to send out such messages.

Small company – big help
Nextcom delivered their CRM system to Telio and eventually NextGenTel for four years now. Over the years, the product has evolved in line with the new requirements and specifications from NextGenTel.
Today the system works as a sales system that has control of the call lists and system including winback and re-linking the business market. But Hetland stressed that although Nextcom and NextGenTel has grown in recent years, it is the personal touch that he appreciate the most.

– We have since day one received very good support from Nextcom. The system is so simple and self-explanatory that it is rare that we need help. But the times we need improvements in the system and new features, Nextcom is good to come up with ideas and quick to solve our problems. And they are just as effective and hands-on as they were in the beginning when I made contact with them, says Hetland.

Made more money with an effective sales tool

Using the sales tool Nextcom Evolution got Tele2s conversion rate in sales from 75 to 98 percent. – Daily life becomes easier and more efficient when you have amazing sales tools, says head of sales in Tele2, Thomas Nordholm.

Three years ago, the technology company Nextcom was far smaller than they are today. But they were ahead, and already in 2012 had customer service systems that took up the fight against the biggest in the industry.

Tele2 was looking for a new sales tool that could streamline and simplify life in their sales organization, as well as cooperate with its subcontractors who sold their goods on commission.

– We chose Nexctom because they had the best sales tool in the market for our use. In addition, the system could be customized and built upon, so we got all the features we were looking for. At the same time, the system was simple and self-explanatory to use for both our sales teams and subcontractors. We were pleased from day one, says Thomas Nordholm.

Got rid of the bottlenecks
A good sales tool will not only provide management control reports and sales, it will also make life easier and more efficient for merchants to use it, says Thomas.

– We hire good salespeople. It shouldn’t take long to learn the sales system. It should be a tool that works, making them better at the job and that gives them the procedures to avoid mistakes. It turned out that the program saved us a lot of time. Thanks to a built-in audio file function, the can back office can listen to sales calls in retrospect, if something is unclear. Both back office and sales use the same system. Before we had multiple systems they had to switch between. It was frustrating and took a lot of time, says Thomas.

Better commission control
Three years ago Tele2 had several subcontractors who sold for them. The challenge was to achieve a satisfactory commission control.

– There were many systems and extra effort to calculate commissions to keep control. Our subcontractors were given access to the same system as us, and working with them was far better, he says.

Made more money
A good sales system will also contribute to increased sales. Nextcom Evolution contributed to our success.

– The fact that all the sales figures were presented in a better way for all sellers, this seemed like a sales competition that led to increased sales. We didn’t see it coming, but it came as a very good bonus.

How is it to work with a small technology company?
– As I said at the beginning, we were looking for someone who could give us the best tool. It does not matter how big the company is. We were served in a good way after the sale. We got good personal service and the company was responsive and quick to take our input seriously, while they were good at develop the system to our advantage, says Thomas Nordholm.

User-friendly tools make the job easier

The last couple of years, Tryg’s sales center in Larvik experienced huge growth. The CRM system from Nextcom Evolution has a lot of credit for this.

tryg– The success is of course not only because of management system alone, but it is in the highest degree heavily involved. It frees up time and facilitates our advisers so they can do the best possible job, says general manager Magnar Heggebakk by Tryg’s sales center in Larvik.

The franchise company he manages, sells general insurance for the giant Tryg to Vestfold. The sales center has now used NextCom Evolution active for nearly five years, and Heggebakk is very clear that the CRM system with the sales module has been a profitable investment.

– I’ve been through several CRM system throughout my career, but there are only a few that matches NextCom, says the sales manager.

Appreciates how user friendly it is
He describes the sales module as an entirely positive experience, from the start. He is especially happy with how easy it is to use and all the opportunities for customization and adaptation.

– It is very easy to make your own settings in the system. Moreover, they have a superb support and a technical department that is very responsive and takes users seriously, he brags, who regularly uses the systems to carry out useful customer surveys.

Tryg’s sales center in Larvik uses IP telephone and associated telephone system directly to CRMI system from NextCom.

Important factor of success
– It makes the sales job a dream. With this integration everything just work natural and easy, and we avoid congestions. NextCom Evolution is manifested as an effective success factor for a sales organization like us, concludes Magnar Heggebakk.

Effectiveness up threefolds

After the merchants at Enevo adopted the Nextcom systems, the sellers were three times as effective during their day.
– A simple and easy CRM system gave us what we needed so we got more time to sell products. After we started with predictive dialer the efficiency per sales went up 300 percent, says operations manager Enevo, Daniel Storløs.

Enevo_DanielAnd in sales the effectiveness means in many cases more sales and thus increased revenues for both Enevo and sellers. It’s about producing the most when you’re on the job. By maximizing production time we also ensure that Enevo can operate profitably and at the same time remain competitive in an otherwise depressed market.

Enevo is a future-oriented sales company specializing in broadband, TV and electricity sales.

– We have a headquarters in Trondheim, with partners scattered throughout the country.

The company has through efficient and future-oriented working methods had a tremendous growth in a very short time. We work with some of the largest players in its field.

We needed an online call system that was simple, straightforward and without start-up costs. Our choice fell on Nextcoms CRM solution. The efficiency of our call center went through the roof in a very short time period, says Storløs.

More income for the sellers
It is well known that income at a call center is customer calls. With a response rate of around 30 percent a lot of the day was spent on unnecessary waiting. The organization must therefore compensate with higher rate per sale and hire more salespeople to reach set goals.

Storløs says that they haven’t regretted adopting the Nextcom solutions.

– We notice an increased motivation and real pressure at the office. The voicemail module that comes with predictive dialer helps you to stop wasting time on empty conversations.

– This is really a step in the right direction.

– I believe that any call center with respect for themselves should opt for this solution. We have been very pleased with both the product and the follow-up of the company, says Storløs.

He adds that another advantage is that Nextcom is now developing an HR module that handles absence, vacation, etc. for them.

– This will probably save a lot of companies for additional costs and unnecessary use of time linked to several HR system, believes Enevo boss.

Rescued in their initial phase

– We had never managed to establish ourselves without the CRM system from Nextcom. They gave us control and visibility in a somewhat chaotic start-up phase of enterprise MyRent says Christer, who is the general manager.

MyRent concept first saw the light of day in 2012. The companys clear objectives has since been to develop a contemporary and intuitive platform to handle the management, operation and leasing of real estate.

Christer and his colleagues based themselves on Nextcoms platform when they developed their product that helps property owners in Norway and manage their homes and properties. It was natural for MyRent to take advantage of the flexible and well-developed platform, both for the main product, but also in their everyday business.

Good teamwork
Nextcom helped us when we needed them the most in the startup phase. Eventually, we have developed a very good working relationship. Together we have developed the system to our business concept that we sell to our customers. Nextcom have an invaluable skill in customer care programs which we appreciate enormously, says Christer.

Close monitoring
Christer is impressed with the customer approach at Nextcom. They learned a lot from their approach.

– Nextcom didn’t shove the system in our faces and bragged about how amazing it was.They sat down with us before they started working. Went thoroughly through what we needed help with. Along the way, we have had many follow-up meetings with them. Not all businesses thinks this way. To get good service, software programs that work and personal contact with the developers of the company have been very positive for our us – and not least our customers.

One system for the entire company

– We began with a CRM system from Nextcom. We were so impressed that our entire company now use a tailored system from them that includes everything from customer care, human resources and finances, says managing director of Reach, Maria Laxheim.

Behind the company name Reach, is the more famous brand “Bladpakken. Reach partnered with the largest publishing houses (Bonnier, Egmont home Mortensen, Aller and others).

They offer their customers total magazine subscription, so called “blad pakker” on popular titles to their waiting rooms, reception areas, staff rooms or similar.

CEO of Reach, Maria Laxheim are pleased that they chose a complete business solution from Nextcom.

Covers everything
– For us it was clear early on that we had come across a “kiosk-tipping” as we say in our jargon (A novelty that is so good that people overturns newsagents. Ed note). A couple of years ago we were in a situation where we had poor profitability and tried different variations of CRM systems, says Maria,

Reach - Maria LaxheimHun ble ikke fornøyd før gode kolleger anbefalte Nextcoms CRM-løsninger.

She was not satisfied until good colleagues recommended Nextcoms CRM solutions.

– We have 2,500 customers in Norway. There are so many puzzle pieces that must fall into place on a daily basis. Reservations and cancellations coming in by phone, sms and email. Bills must be sent out. Inquiries must be ordered and new customers going into our portfolio. All this stuff is sewn together by the Nextcom system. It makes life very easy for all of us in Reach, says Maria.

She adds that Reach had control over their own finances and customer database when CRM system from Nextcom was adopted.

– Profitability is good, and customers receive excellent service. Today we have allowed Nextcom acquire all our systems in all our enterprises, internal and external. We would never have done that if we didn’t have a 100 percent confidence in the friendly and skilled staff from Sandefjord, the Reach boss says.