Full control of sales pipeline

A well-developed sales pipeline helps the company and the sales team to improve the entire sales process, set credible sales forecasts and analyze various strategies that can help a company with sales.

Pipeline sales – what is it?

A sales pipeline is an overview of where in the customer journey a lead or potential customer is. The system estimates how many sales a seller should land to reach the sales goals, and shows how close to the sales goal the seller is. A sales pipeline helps you keep track of sales and present a credible forecast for future sales.

Work smart, use the time correctly

Many people spend a lot of time looking for information. It can be emails you have sent, agreements you have entered into and not least the time you spend putting forecasts in long Excel sheets. With the Nextcom sales pipeline, you have all the information gathered in one place. The system helps salespeople to focus on the best leads and as a leader you have an overview of the number of cases each consultant works with, as well as how the sales pipeline looks towards the forecast.

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Sales pipeline