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Nextcom’s cloud-based CRM solution is a safe and efficient way to streamline the workflow, create collaboration internally and increase sales. Tailored for you.

Your safety

For over 13 years we have delivered digital sales tools that increase efficiency and profitability for businesses, nationally and internationally. We have put everything into one solution, that is easy to use – and tailored to your industry.

We have one goal, to make every day easier and more efficient for our customers.

We have made it easier to be efficient
All the information you need in one system – tailored to your industry.
We have worked closely with many industries, and have knowledge of many different challenges and needs. The system is tailor made for businesses that want to make sales more efficient and coordinate sales activities across accounts – or if you want optimal handling of customer service.

Many think that ease of use decreases proportionally with the number of functions and the complexity of software. This is not necessarily true. We know that people want it to be easy, but not at the cost of functionality. That is why we designed a system that has all you need, and is easy to use. If you want to spend your time doing other things than gathering and analyzing data.

You will get increased efficiency and a full overview, not to mention a system that is very easy to use – for all parties involved.

More effective sales

Nextcom Sales increases efficiency for each and every sales representative, and creates flow in the entire sales process. New leads are automatically assigned and each sales representative gets their task- and customer list in their system. Sales are registered easily and invoiced directly, without the sales representative needing to use other systems. When the call is over, the next customer card is immediately pulled up. The customer can be called directly from the customer card, either automatically or directly. The sales representative will not need to refer to different systems, and can instead focus entirely on sales activities.

Easily integrated with most systems

Nextcom is easily integrated with the business’ existing systems. The system is already primed for easy integration with BankID, Bisnode, Elhub, Experian, Link Mobility, Netlife Dialog, NETS and different financial systems. Nextcom gathers necessary information from the other systems, treats it and sends it back – so all the key systems are communicating with each other and the employees only have to refer to one system.

See an overview of all our integrations and partners .

Full overview and control

Nextcom CRM sales and customerservice gives detailed reports per office, sales team or individual sales representative. Our report solution makes it much easier to follow the sale for the whole organization, in real time. You can easily tailor your reports to your needs.

Up and running in the blink of an eye
We have ready to go systems, adapted to different industries and needs. If you need further customization, we will adapt the system to your needs. We can also quickly and easily integrate the system with most other systems.

A better customer experience

In our system all customer information is collected in a customer card with an easy overview, so the customer service representatives have all the customer information at their fingertips and will not bother the customer with unnecessary questions. Your employees’ workday is simplified by the customer card automatically being pulled up with incoming or outgoing calls, while the customer receives a quick response. The contact becomes more personal, and the customer gets a better experience.

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