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Systems for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are solutions that aid the company in developing, maintaining and increasing existing and future customer relations.

We will try to give you an overview of what you should be looking for, if you want to get more control over every part of your business.

Firstly you will need a CRM-system that gives you very good customer cards that give you an easy overview. But the system must also give sales representatives and the administration the best possible big picture overview of the customer in one showing, one screenshot.


The challenge is to find an intelligent web-based customer support system (Private Cloud CRM) that maximizes the efficiency of the sales process every step of the way. The solution automatically generates customer follow-up patterns to secure highly effective 360 degree communication with the customer.


This means the solution automatically generates personally relevant content, offers, packages and upsetting based on a comprehensive overview of the customer. 

The solution identifies customer groups that need to be contacted, for example if there are signs a customer wants to end their customer relationship, or for example if affected insurance customers need to be contacted in the event of a natural disaster.


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Comprehensive mapping

A good CRM-system must also significantly effectivize sales representatives’ workdays with optimalized integrated communication and task management. Where today there are cumbersome and time consuming separate solutions for telephony and CRM-follow-up. The ideal situation is to have as few programs as possible.


The common denominator for the CRM-solutions on the market today is that they are usually big, comprehensive solutions with a lot of data about the customer, but fail to automatically generate insight from essential data to secure effective sales practices.


It is very challenging to develop algorithms for automatic recognition of customer patterns, because it requires comprehensive mapping and knowledge of data-mining techniques and equivalent methods, as well as repeated trial and error and significant testing to achieve the right mathematical model and algorithms. 

Control and overview.

The enormous amount of customer data available makes it complex to develop algorithms that recognize patterns and recommend rutines for optimal customer follow-ups.


Furthermore you must ask the provider of the CRM-system if they develop proprietary intelligent algorithms for effective pattern recognition of unstructured and structured data regarding the customer based on chosen methods. This is all about control and overview. Which again leads to increased sales.

Additionally you must ask if the provider of the CRM-system delivers algorithms for pattern recognition and optimized rutines on parameters such as response time, relevancy of information and recognition percentage.


Skilled CRM-providers use the test results to optimize the algorithms on relevance in pattern recognition.


Even if there are complex systems behind every CRM-system, the most important thing for you is to get an intelligent customer service system that will maximize efficiency in the customer process in every part of the business, and that immediately leads to increased sales, lower costs, full control and more satisfied customers.

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